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Model W is a clamp for horizontal lifting of steel plates and structures, intended to be used in multiple pairs or in a tripod arrangement. These clamps requires constant tension applied to the shackle during the entire lifting operation. The clamps should be positioned on the member to be lifted right out its centre, and in a way that  the force applied by the crane is in line with the lifting shackles. Never exceed 10° sideloading. The rated capacity is based on a sling angle of 60°.  For metal sheets of big dimensions we recommend to use the clamps preferably connected to a beam. Make sure to use an adequate number of clamps to assure a balanced load. Hold the clamp in position, keeping hands clear from mechanism, and apply force to lifting shackle until tension is able to hold the clamp in place. Make sure that clamps are in full contact with the member to be lifted and that force is in  constant tension. Remove clamp only after the load is fully supported in a stable position. Relax force, than take clamp off from load. Never use on plate or stacks of plates that cannot support  themselves without sagging or stacked without being even.

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