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CT clamp is used primarily for lifting, turning, stacking light beams and structural shapes equipped with a lock closed device.  The shackle allows a beam to be lifted with the web of the beam in a near horizontal position by placing the clamp on the flange with the shackle over the web and between the flanges. Make sure that the clamp is well inserted on the member and not only on the edge. Start to lift only if the lock lever is positioned in the Lock-Closed position. With the beam lying in a horizontal position and the clamp placed with the shackle overhanging the flange, the beam can be lifted, turned 90° and raised with the web in a near vertical position. Place the clamp so as the direction of force applied by the crane force is in line with the  lifting shackle. Hold the clamp in position, keeping hands clear from mechanism, and apply force to lifting shackle until tension is able to hold clamp in place. Make sure that clamp is in full contact with the member to be lifted and that force is in constant tension.
Remove clamp only after the load is fully supported in a stable position. Relax force, then take clamp off from load. Do not lift beams with variable thickness flanges.

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