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Good practice

• do lock clamp closed before lifting load
• never attach crane hook directly to the clamp - always use sling
• do use correct clamp for job - never use large capacity clamps to lift light loads
• do use an adeguate number of clamps to balance the load
• do use clamps within their rated capacity - never overload clamps
• never lift more than one plate at time with a vertical clamp
• never exceed 10° side loading with vertical clamp

Maintenance and inspection procedures
In order to maintain the efficiency and safety of the clamps it is necessary to inspect them periodically for possible wear or damage.
A complete range of spare parts is available in order to repair eventual deteriorated or worn parts and obtain totally reconditioned clamps.
The clamps should be inspected with particular care and attention in order to detect the following inconveniences:
• bent or distorted pins
• elongated or bent lifting shackles eye
• cracks and distortion in the body
• worn out swivel jaw or gripping cam
• widening of the depth of throat opening

Body clamp
Replace clamps containing fractures: elongated holes; worn and elongated swivel jaw; mounting holes

Proof load
A Certificate of Conformity is issued indicating the proof load in relation to a minimum factor equal to 1.5

EN 13155
FEM 1001

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