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Model K is a multipurpose clamp for horizontal positioning, erecting, handling and sorting horizontally beams, pre-fabricated steel sections equipped with a Lock-Close device. The split lower jaw enables the clamp to be used in structural shapes. Use three or more clamps to increase load stability.
The clamps should be positioned on the member to be lifted right on its centre of gravity, and in a way that the force applied by the crane  is in line with the lifting shackles.
Never exceed 10° degrees sideloading. For metal sheets of big dimensions, we recommend to use the clamps preferably connected to a beam.
Make sure that the gripping cam and the jaw are in full contact with the load and not on the edge. Leave a clearance of 4÷5 mm between the load and the back of the jaw.
Start to lift only when the lock lever is placed in the Lock-Closed position. Remove the clamps only after the plate is completely supported and at rest in a stable position.
Relax forces, keeping hands clear from mechanism, move lock handle to "open" position and take clamp off from member.

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