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Interfron S.r.l. operates in the lifting field since 1955.
All kind of handling and lifting problems "under the crane hook" are solved by Interfron with traditional systems (chains and attachments in hih resistance alloy steel Grade 80, wire ropes, belts, clamps, chain hoists, etc.), or with special equipment which are especially designed (spreader beam, "C" hook, and whatsoever particular could be requested).

Interfron operates in the lifting field both as exclusive distributor on the national field  than manufacturer. The Rapallo plant includes technical department, carpentry, welding and testing departments.
Since 2003 Interfron has been starting the production and marketing of hydraulic items, both standard than upon customers’ request, like – for example - hydraulic cylinders, hydraulic hand punps, flexible hoses.
One of Interfron leading feature is the experience, built in about 60 years of business, which let the company to supply the customer with the support in solving every kind of handling and lifting problems: Interfron, by means of its Technical department and its production personnel, provides the customer its support during planning the equipment, in the post sales assistance, for maintenance and repair.

Products and Services
Interfron proposes on the market special equipment designed

Products and Services
Interfron proposes on the market  standard and special equipment, both designed and manufactured or commercialized. Interfron provides special equipment designed under customers’ request, test them, provides installation and setup, post-sale technical assistance, inspection services in the customer’s plant, maintaining and repairing services.

Product Range
-  Chains and attachments in hih resistance alloy steel Grade 80
-  Wire ropes
-  Hoists
-  Belts
-  Clamps nand special lifting equipment
-  Hook scales

Interfron products are supplied with Instructions for use, CE declaration of conformity (when in compliance with Machine Directive 2006/42 and following).
Interfron S.r.l. operates in compliance with ISO9001:2001 regulation.
In the last 10 years Interfron designed and produced more than 5000 special equipment for the industry.
On the website you can find some images of special equipment for the lifting/ rotation of components and/or standard and special products.

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